Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My brother recommends this site (his post is on the right), but he neglected to provide a link. You can click on the title of this post or just click here. Amusing stuff. Not as laugh out loud funny as I thought it would be but pretty darn funny. I want to create something people love like that. I know we are not far from a f-u penguin book.

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Kill Tandon aka Castron Dillon aka Roya Roya said...

Amusing????!!!??!?!? I thought it was pretty f-ing funny! :) Then again, i still tend to laugh at my own farts if they're loud enough....I then usually say something like, "Whoooa, someone just blew the Yeti-horn" or "I think your cat has gas" (when they clearly do NOT own any pets). This usually marks the end, or the beginning of the end of the date/movie-nite...."Oh where for art thou sweet Romeo?? BRRUUUUUMP!!! Oh, there you are, I really gotta take that cat to the vet"- Juliet