Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barack like me

Not sure why but I've seen a few of these in the last week and I thought I might be missing a southern holiday. Either that or now is a good time to relocate. I'm the least "black" black person most people know and that flag still bothers me. Even acknowledging there is an understood interpretation of black that I fall outside of is troubling.

The presidential race is generating a mostly ridiculous but sometimes insightful dialogue on race. In last Sunday's paper there were two stories about Barack's wife, Michelle and how the issue of race impacts the way she is perceived. It was very depressing. After reading both articles, I felt like the least respected and least likely to be loved demographic on the planet. What is the deal with black women? Anytime I read something about them, it's a statistic about AIDS, or a good news, horrible news story; black women are getting degrees in higher numbers but those women are least likely of all to marry. Eek. We need a better PR person.

I feel compelled to state that if I vote for him, it won't be because he's black.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Titles make people interesting

So I was thinking about celebrity because today Angelina and Brad welcomed their twins into the world. I'm sure the entertainment industry is all a titter to get pictures of the children and a lot of money will be made in the transaction though knowing Brangelina, they will find a way for someone in Africa to get a cut because that just how they roll. The announcement of the birth is one of the most read stories of the day and even the normally no nonsense BBC ran it as a top story. When she does her inevitable interviews, she'll say a bunch of things about motherhood that will not be a revelation to anyone who has had children but because she says it, because she is not a mere mortal but an actress, it will be interesting, and sell advertising air time.

So I've decided I need an interesting title. Something that makes people think I'm special or that what I have to say is especially interesting because of my title. I'm leaning heavily toward ninja. Not only would everything a ninja had to say be interesting (and potentially deadly), as an both a female and African-American ninja, the novelty factor would just about guarantee that someone would want to option the rights to my life story which wouldn't really be extraordinary except all that regular life stuff was happening to and around a NINJA.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nothing new under the sun

In my profile under interests, I have simply, 'defying gravity.'  Today, viewing my profile, I noticed it was highlighted like a hyperlink.  Turns out there are at least 28 other folks on blogger who are interested in defying gravity.  And I thought I was being clever.

In other news, I've posted a plea on my other site for my readers to help me figure out which of my posts should be expanded and submitted to a new feature in the Washington Post Magazine, XX Files.  Odds are that nothing will come of my submission but today I'm excited about at least throwing something over the fence for consideration.

In still other news, the situation seems to be deteriorating with the neighbors whose dog bit me a few months ago.  It's a long story and I'll probably get around to posting it in all it's gory detail at some point but the latest news is that their insurance company appointed lawyer left me a message on Friday.  Standard lawyer stuff about communicating with her vice my neighbors.  I'm looking forward to talking to her on Monday because she will be the first person related to this family that I'll actually get to talk about this with.  My neighbors have ignored my letters and phone calls but still insist on waving at me when I walk past their house. These people are strange.