Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barack like me

Not sure why but I've seen a few of these in the last week and I thought I might be missing a southern holiday. Either that or now is a good time to relocate. I'm the least "black" black person most people know and that flag still bothers me. Even acknowledging there is an understood interpretation of black that I fall outside of is troubling.

The presidential race is generating a mostly ridiculous but sometimes insightful dialogue on race. In last Sunday's paper there were two stories about Barack's wife, Michelle and how the issue of race impacts the way she is perceived. It was very depressing. After reading both articles, I felt like the least respected and least likely to be loved demographic on the planet. What is the deal with black women? Anytime I read something about them, it's a statistic about AIDS, or a good news, horrible news story; black women are getting degrees in higher numbers but those women are least likely of all to marry. Eek. We need a better PR person.

I feel compelled to state that if I vote for him, it won't be because he's black.

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