Sunday, July 13, 2008

Titles make people interesting

So I was thinking about celebrity because today Angelina and Brad welcomed their twins into the world. I'm sure the entertainment industry is all a titter to get pictures of the children and a lot of money will be made in the transaction though knowing Brangelina, they will find a way for someone in Africa to get a cut because that just how they roll. The announcement of the birth is one of the most read stories of the day and even the normally no nonsense BBC ran it as a top story. When she does her inevitable interviews, she'll say a bunch of things about motherhood that will not be a revelation to anyone who has had children but because she says it, because she is not a mere mortal but an actress, it will be interesting, and sell advertising air time.

So I've decided I need an interesting title. Something that makes people think I'm special or that what I have to say is especially interesting because of my title. I'm leaning heavily toward ninja. Not only would everything a ninja had to say be interesting (and potentially deadly), as an both a female and African-American ninja, the novelty factor would just about guarantee that someone would want to option the rights to my life story which wouldn't really be extraordinary except all that regular life stuff was happening to and around a NINJA.

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