Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm convinced someone always sees this

Date: 24 November

Time: 1942hrs

Location: Somewhere on 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Activity: Walking dog

Description of incident: Dog wanders in circles across mine-leaden field of other dog's random crap on a dark rainy night. Dog manages to find suitable spot to lay down her treasures. Dog lays down treasure save one nugget which is left dangling from her backside attached to her by the undigestible grass she insists on eating at every opportunity. She finds this uncomfortable and disconcerting (no doubt, the same way you feel about my decision to share this story). She hobbles around hunched over trying to get it to drop. I use my bagged hand to grab the grass and nugget from her hunched over rear end. Even though it is necessary, there is no way this doesn't look like a very wrong thing to be doing.

I am convinced that someone always sees me doing this and is totally grossed out. He is probably very cute and inclined to strike up a conversation until he witnesses me rummaging around at my dog's backside.

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