Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A suggestion from the sexiest woman alive

So they just named Hugh Jackman sexiest man alive--I agree completely. Hence the title and the thought for the day which I'm only now finishing a few days later.

If you are alive and have ovaries, chances are that you don't have many pictures of yourself that you like. You also probably like old pictures that you used to hate. It is a strange and mocking vanity us ovary carriers have. So I have a suggestion and before I reveal it, I must first give credit to dearjes. dearjes is the only way to describe her as she is quite dear and also pretty amazing. She told me once that every year for her birthday, she takes a picture of herself. I think one year the 'self-portrait' was of her feet but the picture I saw of her was amazing. She's already beautiful and ridiculously photogenic but this picture captured on film the beauty we know of her everyday. A great picture. She confessed that she went through quite a few bad pictures to get this one good picture and it got me thinking that maybe I could take a good picture after all. I just needed to practice.

Well it just so happens that my awesome laptop has an built in camera and an application called Photo Booth where you can snap away to your hearts content and even use cool effects--sepia tone is a personal favorite. So I've been snapping away whenever the mood hits me for about year trying to get "candid" but flattering pictures. I'll paste a few below for the weekend and then I will take them down so if you're reading this later, that's why there are no pictures. There is nothing particularly great about these pictures but I really like them because they are 'elemental.' It's not so much that I look good in these pictures as much as I just don't look bad. They also feel very intimate. I think that the lighting and angle of the shots convey an intimacy. What I've also learned is that I don't normally take an okay picture when I'm feeling decidedly unsexy. The point is, give it a try. I think you'll see faces that you didn't realize you had.


Anonymous said...

I love the first one. The others are great too but the first one just seems different to me. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

I love them! I love that you took pics and shared them too...if only for a limited time. I like the one at the top, but I also like the ones with the cowl neck sweater...very pretty and the one that looks close up and black and texture.

Joseph Boston said...

What ever happened to John Taylor of Duran Duran infamy. lol