Saturday, November 8, 2008

To do: get new hobby. get boyfriend.

It is a lovely lazy Saturday. I've been working on something for weeks now that I can't seem to get right that I think I will submit to the Washington Post. I've been entertaining sending links to random people and just generally stirring things up so I can have something interesting to think about. I've been practicing taking pictures of myself to see it it's possible to take a good picture and I've got a crush on my yoga instructor because he's the only man here who touches me. He's most assuredly gay but he has this well of calm in his eyes and has a great touch. When he touches me, it reminds me that people need touch. I have got to get a boyfriend. I joined and am now a member of various groups that plan all sorts of neat stuff. I've not been to a single event, finding that my desire for company never seems to mesh up with their event schedule. Story of my life.

The local coffee shop is great. It is often so crowded that you have to sit with strangers if you'd like a seat and I find it somehow a good antidote for the loneliness that comes with a new city. I read my book, eat my food, and feel like I'm just hanging out with friends who can enjoy each other's company without talking. Today, I was at a table of three of us who were strangers to one another. The other two had computers and cell phones to keep them entertained; I had a book. It was all good. I kept dropping food and otherwise eating like I wasn't in public, hunched over my food like I was in prison and barely looking up until it was gone. Still, it was all good.

Things that make me laugh about myself: My hesitancy in submitting an idea for a show because the submission guidelines warn that you must be willing to appear on the show. I paused and then laughed. I'm not going to be on a TV show! The thought that I'd have to avoid being on television, I love my imagination sometimes. But if I ever do become rock star famous for writing, I will be calling Oprah out for not answering my e-mail. I can see it now, sitting on her couch, stumping for my latest navel-gazing book, and telling her that I was actually looking forward to coming on the show to confront her for not personally answering my e-mail. Then I'll read from my letter provided by her staff, who will have dug up my submission from long ago and oh, how we'll laugh. The tag line for the show will be, 'IP settles grudge with Oprah at 4. Find out what it is and Oprah's surprising reaction."

Seriously. I've got to get a boyfriend.

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Good-Grace said...

You, my dear, are such a doll! :) I'm glad you signed up for I'm happy you enjoy the crowded coffee shop... you know, I think that's a sign of a confident person - to be secure enough to walk in and stay and still be comfortable in your own skin, even though you don't know a solitary soul sitting next to you. This is putting yourself out there. You could have just as easily grabbed your goodies and headed to a lone park bench or just nibbled on it walking down the street or driving away in your car/a taxi, etc.

And yes, human touch is so important. So enjoy the yoga guy. :)

Lastly, I, too, can not WAIT for your confrontation with our beloved Oprah. :) (hee hee!) And, yes, start getting camera ready my pretty ... you are on the cusp of something big. I can just feel it! (so can little sis!)