Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anyone else bored?

It's the holiday season and another year is wrapping up. I've made enough progress on my determinations that I'm inclined to issue them anew in the coming year to challenge myself to live even better next year than this year. I'm a little bored with therapists, lightness and dark, and feeling a little silly for exploring those things over and over again in this space. In some respect I think I should get the wheels on and get moving instead of taking you through how I'm building the car.

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IP said...

I'm just going to field this one. I build a watch to tell the time because I can't read the watch if I don't know how it is built. Because I have to make chaos to make order. My brother put it better when he likened it to applying my vast knowledge of physics to learn how to ride a bike but somewhere between instinct and insight lies my truth. It is true that my insight thwarts what I'm sure is perfectly built instinct but somehow I have come together this way. A balance, I believe, will be managed in time.