Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ninja tools: sacks of poop

I'm a single gal who walks alone in the dark every single day. It just comes with the territory of having a dog. Though my dog is also a ninja, I think it wise to supplement her deadly cunning and my crazy mad skills with a back-up arsenal of ninja tools. I am a conscientious ninja and thus everyday can be found carrying a sack of poop around to deposit in the nearest trash can. One day it occurred to me that this is a weapon. Imagine a would-be attacker being smacked in the face with a sack of dog crap that may even explode upon impact. Imagine attaching these ninja crap sacks to nunchukkas. I know, awesome right?


uno said...

Love it!!!!

Good-Grace said...

I love this!! Poop as a weapon - GENIUS!

Kill Tandon aka Castron Dillon aka Roya Roya said...

Helps if you freeze the poop first.