Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lookingformyboo looking for me...

You can fairly accuse me of being dramatic about many things but I think this fairly serves as an example of why I have the attitude I do about dating, virtual or otherwise.

From: lookingformyboo1 (
To: me (
Date received: February 8, 2009
Subject: You are an angel

Hello Sunshine.. what a pretty!Why would a beautiful lady like you be on here on around you must be so blind that they couldn't catch the pretty fish in your society..the way you stole my attention was out of burglary..I am Nicholas some people calls me nickie,I am an Hydro Electrical Engineer, I am originally from the US,my dad is from Wiscosine and my mom is from france.,i grew up in Avignon france,but i relocated to the states where i have to run my career,I am new to this site,And i signed up here to see if i could find someone that is humble,friendly,kind,passionate and caring,I lost my wife In a car crash..her car came into contact with a truck carrying fertilizer...i feel like crying each time this comes into my head...its so hard..i taught the world was over,maybe i should end my life..this happened at the year 2005...And since then i have remained single and i hope you know how it means to be lonely..I taught i could go on with loneliness..i later found out that loneliness is a decease,and i can find true love again more than i had,its a believe..i really need someone to share my happiness with,someone i will kiss and say there is no more pain..someone i can hold and plan the future with...So i decide to set up a profile on here. so that i can find someone who is honest,kind,understanding and friendly,Someone who is going to love me truly and believe that my son is part of the package of the relationship,But i am so lucky cos your profile happens to be the first profile i went through and i was so impressed with what i read on it and i am so much interested in getting to know you ,So i decided to write you to let you know how i feel and to know if we are both in the same wave length.Cos i think you might be a God sent to me.I am a father of a son...when you want to email or write me a reply..i want you to send it to my email is my email address..
Hope to hear from you.


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Anonymous said...

Wow--yes you needed to post that!Don't know what to say...