Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm kind of a big deal-but not on match.com

Well...gotta say that I'm kind of feeling like my ego has been hockey checked hard. The dudes are not feeling me on match. It's got me thinking a lot more than I should. I've done almost every version of dating site before but I've never posted pictures. Guys still wrote me and I even met a couple over the years. This time, I figured I would dive in and put it out there and posted several pictures. I've received a holla from Batman, and a scam letter from an english illiterate (perhaps quite articulate in another language) person pretending to be a widowed white guy with the screen name lookingformyboo. I will probably post the full text of his ridiculous e-mail on the blog in the coming days. A slight detour; I like a progressive white guy as much as the next woman of color but it makes me cringe when I see screen names like whitechocolate or lookingformyboo. Using street language does not make you 'down' and on some level is kind of offensive. Another subject for another day. The second thing that irritates me about white guys on match are the ones who chose every single race, including the enigmatic 'other' category except black women. Ouch. I'm telling you, asian guys and black women have got to get better PR people. We are floundering out there.

And lest anyone feel compelled to encourage me to communicate with guys I like instead of waiting for someone to communicate with me, I'm 0/13 for responses to e-mails I've sent to guys. Really. I'm clearly batting out of my league here and should have grabbed Batman while the gettin was good. So, in this massive, worldwide, countless members rejection, I have earned at least 30 days of whining about the wasteland that is my would-be love life. In addition to the sting of being the sole rejected race on many guys profiles (including the ones match sends to me--I've totally blasted them for that), it hurts that when I had a profile with no picture, I had more guys interested in me than with a picture. Is there any good way to interpret that?

Yea, I didn't think so either.


Good-Grace said...

okay... "lookingformyboo"? what. the. hell?! Yes, using "street" slang does not give them any more street "cred" whatsoever. Give me a break! (They need to have a preference box on Match that allows you to search by "grown up user names" or "wanna-be / scammer / 14 year old teenager boy user names".

But seriously, I'm excited for you. I think this sounds so intriguing. They were just talking about online dating sites the other day on the news - they said it is very commonplace for people to use dating sites now. People are very busy - so the time factor is one issue, along with sometimes meeting people outside of their normal interests, or finding someone from a surrounding area. I think this is going to be fun for you. :) (Don't get discouraged. I like the advice from your friend about giving it some time.) I'm still curious about Batman ... he really could be a nice surprise. Or at the very least, some additional writing material. (that sounds mean, but it's not meant to be!!)

Sarah Pomranka said...

You hang in there...get some good beer and chips and watch some John Cusack movies, then hunker down for the good fight. This is good stuff.