Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Private Conversation

It's been almost a year since I started 'blogging.' Not discounting anyone who has kindly commented (TM, you are the best), it has largely been a private conversation and kind of a lonely one. I assume when there is a lack of comment, there is a lack of impact, a lack of resonance, a lack of readership. I realize that it could be all of the above, but if it isn't, know that I want to hear from you. If it is, I'll get the message eventually, be patient with me. There's only five of you so I do recognize that lack of anonymity is an issue--I'm thinking about how to spread the word to spread the wealth.

I've been visiting some of blogger's 'blogs of note.' Every single blogger is ridiculously pleased to be featured, to have people comment, even argue with them. Blogging is an invitation to a conversation, to a community that can be built around that conversation. It means so much to have someone comment on your site, especially if you don't know them. It is just so validating. I need an outlet, I want to play with words, and I want a reaction. I want to create something that people want to read. Working through this frustration, what feedburner (who provides stats on visits to my sites) calls "0 reach", I hope will make me better at something I love to do.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Don't ever stop blogging! I LOVE reading your stuff. Have you ever thought that sometimes people don't comment for the same reason that you are self-conscious that they haven't. Just like when you blog, you don't want to write to no one, sometimes I'm afraid to share my random two thoughts that were provoked by your blog because do I really want to put my thoughts out there for someone to read and judge? Whatever you do, don't stop writing. I love the way you frame things and I always love your point of view. Ninjas rule!

IP said...

Ninjas do rule and yes, it does occur to me that a degree of self-consciousness may account for the crickets sounds that follow most of my posts. But I still want to know that someone is out there so thank you for commenting.