Monday, August 18, 2008


Transitions suck. They are awkward, messy, fraught with uncertainty, and completely unavoidable. I've spent the day chipping away at the granite that is preparing for the home invasion (movers) that will arrive on my doorstep between 8-10 tomorrow. I'm sure I've accomplished something but it is pretty hard to tell. I've wanted to take a nap all day which I'm sure it partly genuine fatigue and partly a classic avoidance technique. I would take a nap but all I would do is dream and think about stuff I need to do so it isn't restful and serves only to pump more draining anxiety chemicals in my bloodstream. So why am I blogging right now? Because I need to vent and I don't want to hear myself do it. This morning I felt a little weepy to be doing this all alone even though it is easier to move just one person. Pretty pitiful. It would be nice to have help but it's nothing to get distraught over which is what I might do if on the phone with a friend who might sympathetically coo and sigh and wish they could be there to help.

I had planned to camp at the house on an air mattress between now and my departure date to minimize disruptions to the dog and to not have to mess around with relocating to a hotel. I talked to my parents today, who aren't generally into animals, and my mother seemed to think that I was staying with them. I don't recall ever having that discussion unless it was the one where my father said that if I was really up against the wall (which I took to mean fire or natural disaster) that me and the dog could stay with them. So we'll see how that one plays out. My family is wonderful but they are not really the kind of family that rallies together to do something like help someone move. Someone always comes with me to make sure that I'm not staying in seedy hotels and traveling alone as a single female on long drives. But the hard part before I get in the car--that's all me.

To balance the whininess above with a little gratitude, as I was dropping off canned goods and tranches of my possessions to the local charity, I recognized that I had more to give away than many people had period.

Back to work....

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